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Section 1. The club shall be called "Shrine Catholic Grade School and Academy Dads' Club or by GSA Dads’ Club.

ARTICLE II – MISSION AND OBJECTIVES Section 1. The mission of the club shall be:

To provide every child in the parish the opportunity to play in an organized sports program, which operates in a supportive and supplemental role to the primary function of Christian development.

Section 2. The objectives of the club shall be:

(a) To promote, sponsor, and manage athletic activities, CYO sports programs, other various capital improvements, activities and events for as many of the children of Shrine Catholic Grade School Academy and Shrine Parish as funds and facilities will allow.

(b) To adhere to and keep current the content of the Shrine CYO Athletic Handbook and Athlete Code of Conduct in Appendices I and II.

(c) To promote, execute, and participate in such fund-raising activities for the accomplishment of Item (a).

(d) To cooperate with other organizations of the parish in events whose purpose is to increase the general welfare of the parish.

Section 3. All activities of the club shall be communicated to the Parish administration and appropriate leadership to coordinate facilities, requirements and confirm that each activity is in the best interest of the Parish and parishioners.


Section 1. Membership in the club shall be open to all who subscribe to the objectives of the club.

Section 2. Membership classifications shall be as follows:

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(a) Active - Open to all who actively participate in the club's activities.
(b) Alumni - Open to all Shrine alumni and/or past Dads’ Club alumni.
(c) Boosters - Open to anyone who wishes to assist the club by donation to the

club's treasury.


Section 1. Officers of the club shall comprise the Board and consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President, Athletic Director(s) and Manpower Director(s).

(a) President – The President shall supervise all activities of the club; Shall recommend standing committees and such other committees as are deemed necessary to carry out the work of the club; serve as an ex-officio member of such committees and shall preside at all club meetings. He shall have the authority to sign checks, drafts or other negotiable instruments. He shall administer the Dads’ Club shared drive.

(b) Vice President - The Vice President shall discharge the duties of the President in his absence, and, in the event the office of President shall become vacant, he shall become President. He shall perform such other duties as are assigned to him by the President. He shall have authority to sign checks, drafts, or other negotiable instruments. He will attend the Grade School Committee meetings as a representative of the Dads Club. He shall call meetings of the Board.

(c) Secretary - The Secretary shall take minutes of all meetings of the club and shall have custody of all the books, records, and papers of the club, except those pertaining to the duties of the Treasurer, and shall keep such records current on Dads’ Club shared drive. He shall provide the minutes of the previous meeting at each meeting of the club. He shall provide a copy of the Dad’s Club Minutes to the Grade School Secretary within one week of the last meeting. He shall perform such other duties as are assigned to him by the President.

(d) Treasurer - The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds of the club; shall make expenditures as authorized by the Board; shall keep a record of the clubs assets and liabilities; shall make a financial report at all meetings of the club and any special reports as may be requested by the President or Board; and perform such other duties as are assigned to him by the President; he will work together with the Athletic Director to form a budget and forecast report on an annual and multi-year basis. He shall have the authority to sign checks, drafts, or other negotiable instruments. He shall interface with the Parish financial controller to comply with non-profit operation requirements.

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(e) Past President – Shall discharge the duties of the President in his absence, and, in the event the office of President and Vice President shall become vacant, he shall become President. He shall perform such other duties as are requested of him by the President.

(f) Manpower Director(s) - Shall coordinate events and functions run by the Dads’ Club. Events and functions shall include but not be limited to admissions, concessions and fundraising.

(g) Athletic Director(s) – He/she shall be responsible for organizing and managing the athletic programs and serve as the Parish liaison with the CYO office. He/she shall report on all sports programs within his scope to the Board and membership at the monthly meetings. He/she shall work with the Parish and School administration to schedule facilities and events that pertain to sports programs.

Section 2. Resignations in the elected offices of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President and Manpower Director(s) shall be filled by the election of the Board.

Section 3. The Athletic Director(s) shall be nominated by a selection committee comprised of members of both the Board and Grade School & Academy (GSA) Principals, then hired by the Parish Administration (Pastor).

Section 4. Committees may be formed for recurring needs such as Fund Raising, Special Events, etc. Such Committees shall be recommended by the President and voted on by the Board, including Committee Chairpersons.

Section 5. The Board shall have the authority to conduct the business of the club, expend the funds of the club, formulate the club's programs, and be responsible for the implementation of such programs, without a vote of the membership. With the exception of the Athletic Director(s), there is no compensation for the Board. However, the Board shall have cost of their children’s pay-to-play fees waived, as funds are available. The Board and Committee Chairpersons shall have the six-hour operations service requirement waived for their families.


Section 1. Regular monthly meetings of the club shall be held on the Third Thursday, of each month, except June, July and August, or at a time set by a majority vote of the Board. The Board will meet monthly 1-2 weeks prior the regular monthly meeting. Board meetings may be cancelled if there are no matters that require the Board’s attention. However, there can be no greater than a two-month span between Board meetings.

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Section 2. Special meetings may be scheduled by the President or any three members of the Board.

Section 3. Not less than Five (5) members of the Board must be in attendance at any regular, Board or special meeting to constitute a quorum.

Section 4. The order of business to be conducted shall be:

  1. a)  Call to order

  2. b)  Prayer

  3. c)  Welcome, Introductions and Special Guests

  4. d)  Review of the minutes of the regular monthly meeting of the club

  5. e)  Reading of the Treasurer's report

  6. f)  Report of the Athletic Director

  7. g)  Reports of the Officers

  8. h)  Grade School and High School Committee Reports

  9. i)  Old business

  10. j)  New business

  11. k)  Closing Prayer

  12. l)  Adjournment


Section 1. An election shall be held at the club meeting in May of each year.

Section 2. Nominations shall be received by the Board from the general membership or the members of the Board up until the close of the April meeting. All candidates must be present at a meeting of the club, or must submit a letter properly signed, stating their willingness to be considered for office. Nominees for the office of President must be currently members of the Board.

Section 3. Voting shall be by a closed ballot system, with each member present at the May meeting having one (1) vote. The votes will be tallied by the Board and announced at the conclusion of the May meeting.

Section 4. Candidates for elective offices must be members of the club.

Section 5. Elected officers shall serve for a term of one (1) year. It is recommended that no person shall hold office for longer than two (2) consecutive terms.

Section 6. The Past President will act as a mentor for the first year of the new Presidents term.

Section 7. Term of office begins with the May meeting and runs through the following May.

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Section 1. In the event of dissolution or merger, all obligations of the club shall be paid and the remaining assets shall be transferred to the school general fund.


Section 1. The Charter and By-Laws may be amended by a 2/3rds vote of the members of the club present at any regular meeting provided the forthcoming vote has been announced to the membership at least one month previously.

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Athlete Eligibility


1. Be member of, enrolled in, and participating in Shrine Parish Religious education program.

2. Be a student enrolled in the Shrine Grade School or Academy.

3. Be a member of an adjoining parish that does not offer a particular sport, only if there are openings in the Shrine program as determined by the Athletic Director(s).

4. Be a member of an adjoining program, whose program may be full, only if there are openings in the Shrine program as determined by the Athletic Director(s).

5. All participants and their families within the program must fulfill the criteria regarding family volunteer commitment for the active athletic participation.

6. All CYO athletes must have the following
a. Health certificate (dated after May 1, of the previous year)
b. Student Athlete Contract & Assessment of Risk Card
c. Parental Consent Form-prior to the first day of practice or tryouts

7. All CYO athletes must maintain good academic standing and citizenship to their respective school. Determining academic eligibility shall be the responsibility of the parents.

8. An Athlete shall be suspended for a minimum of one game for fighting. The Coach or Athletic Director(s) may impose a longer suspension.

9. All Athletes are expected to attend school on the day of a scheduled practice or game if it falls on a school day. If they are unable due to medical or family concerns this is to be addressed to and approved by the coach.

Team Policies

1. Minimum Team Sizes are defined by CYO guidelines. Maximum Team size as recommended by the Athletic Board are:

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Soccer Volleyball Football
Flag Football Basketball Baseball Softball Lacrosse Swim

Track Cheerleading Cross Country Tennis


(18-20) 12

35 (8-10)

(14-15) (14-16) (14-16) (24-25) No Limit No Limit

No Limit No Limit No Limit

2. Player Registration- Player will register for all Shrine CYO sports at the www.shrinecyo.com, website.

  1. a)  Each season will have a publicized registration deadline date.

  2. b)  Players registering after the deadline will be accepted on a case-by-case basis

    after a discussion with the coach and Athletic Director(s).

  3. c)  Players will not be able to play if they are not registered and have paid in full from

    the previous season.

3. Team Sizes that do not follow the guidelines will be resolved between the Athletic Director(s) and the Head Coach.

  1. It is the goal of the program to include as many students as possible, given the constraints of coaches, practice and costs.

  2. The development of second and third teams will be a decision made by the Athletic Director(s) in consultation with the coach and subject to the availability of additional coaches.

4. In the event that there are enough registered players to form more than 1 team, the coaches of the teams will meet and agree upon a distribution of players.

  1. The “A" team will be chosen with the purpose of fielding the most competitive team.

  2. This division of teams based upon level of competition will begin in the 5th and 6th grade.

  3. The teams will practice for a period of evaluation prior to the division of teams. This will allow enough time for the coaches to adequately assess each player’s abilities.

5. CYO league play is competitive in nature, and a primary goal is to field a competitive team.


a. b.

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Despite the lack of CYO guidelines concerning equalization of playing time, consideration will be given to individual time to the extent practical. Recommendation for playing time will be based upon the grade and sport.

i. 4th Grade- Basketball- Is an instructional league and the goal of Charter & By-Laws_20210519

coaches is to evenly distribute playing time.
ii. 3
rd- 4th Grade Football- Every player will play in each half.

iii. Flag Football – Is an instructional league and the goal of coaches is to evenly distribute playing time.

iv. Track- all participate
v. Cheerleading – all participate

Recommended playing time targets for 5th & 6th grade teams:

Soccer Volleyball Football Basketball Baseball Softball Track Lacrosse

15 minutes Per game
Game Per Match
1 Quarter Per game
6 minutes per game (appear in 2 quarters) 2 innings/l at bat

2 innings/l at bat
All Participate
Every player will play in each half

7th and 8th Grade
-Due to the competitive nature of CYO sports at the 7th and 8th grade level: -Attempts should be made to get each player into every game. Our belief is that a compassionate coach will ensure this occurs, but in games that are competitive this might not be possible.

6. Athlete Registration

  1. Athlete registration for the upcoming season shall be held, before CYO

    deadline, for team registration.

  2. If at the end of the registration period there are not enough athletes to

    field a team, that team may be cancelled at the discretion of the Athletic


  3. If at the end of the registration period, there are not enough coaches for the

    teams being offered, the Athletic Director may eliminate or consolidate the teams without coaches.

  4. If at the end of the registration period there are no Parents Team Coordinators, the Athletic Director may eliminate or consolidate the team’s short volunteers.

Finances and Procedures

1. The CYO Athletic Program is wholly funded and supported by the Shrine Catholic Grade School and Academy Dads’ Club.

2. Funding for the program comes from pay to play fees, gate receipts, concessions, and other fundraisers held by the Dads’ Club

3. Pay to Play fees are set by the Athletic Director(s) and approved by the Dads’ Page 8 of 14 Charter & By-Laws_20210519

Club Board.

4. Expenses incurred are approved by the Athletic Director(s) and reimbursed the treasurer of the Dad's Club.

  1. Any expense greater that $250 is to be approved by the Shrine Catholic Grade School and Academy board.

  2. The treasurer will present the budget including all expenses to the general membership.

  3. The budget will include Head Coach stipends at a target amount of $400 per team, as funds are available. The purpose of the stipend is to offset incidental team expenses such as minor equipment purchases, coaches’ gear, end of season banquets, etc. Head Coaches may elect to decline the stipend and receive reimbursement for team expenses under $250.

  4. Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches shall have the cost of their children’s pay-to-play fees waived for that season, as funds are available.

5. The Athletic Director(s) and the Treasurer will prepare a budget for the upcoming Athletic year, to be presented to the Dad's Club Board for approval.

6. The Athletic Director(s) and the coach of each team will be responsible for the distribution of uniforms and equipment at the beginning of each season as well as the return of uniforms and equipment at the end of the season.

a) If a player does not return the equipment that was given to him at the start of the season, their parents will be billed the replacement value.

7.The Athletic Director(s) in cooperation with the Shrine Grade School and Academy Dads Club Board shall select and assign coaches using CYO guidelines and ensure the rectory required background checks, attendance in Protecting God’s Children as well as any additional requirements set forth by the Archdiocese of Detroit or the Shrine Rectory are completed.

8. The Athletic Director(s) shall facilitate a coaches’ meeting to initiate the beginning of each season.

9. The Athletic Director(s) will register teams with the CYO and attend the preseason CYO meetings, on behalf of Shrine.

10. The Athletic Director(s) will schedule practice time, with input from the coaches.

11. The Athletic Director(s) will administer a formal feedback system, to assess and evaluate the coach's performance vs. expectations, to facilitate continued improvement of the program.

12. The Athletic Director(s) will act as an advisor to coaches in disciplinary and intervene when appropriate.

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13. The Athletic Director(s) will coordinate the compilation and approval of team rosters and all required CYO forms.

14. The Athletic Director(s) will distribute registration forms CYO rules and regulations and game schedules to the Head Coaches.

15. The Athletic Director(s) shall schedule all games and coordinate tournaments participation.

Parent Team Coordinators

1. 2.


Each team will require 1-2 parent coordinators for each team.
The parent coordinators will work with their parents to fill volunteer slots for

admissions, concessions and additional team events.
The coordinators will work with the manpower directors in scheduling of volunteers.

The CYO Coach

A CYO coach is primarily a minister to youth, with a gift of reaching out to young people through athletics. CYO coaches must be of high school age or older. An adult coach (18 years of age or older) must be present and responsible for the team at all times.

Responsibilities of the CYO Coach include:

1. Be knowledgeable of all CYO Athletics and make sure that all rules and policies are faithfully observed.

2. Attend the preseason coaches meeting at the time and place designated by the CYO Athletic Program Director(s) for the respective sports.

3. Conduct pre-season meetings of parents/coaches to ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities.

4. In cooperation with the Athletic Director(s) to make sure the roster form for the team is filled out correctly and submitted CYO office on time.

5. In cooperation with their Athletic Director(s) the coach will determine the eligibility of each player on the team through the Parish/School

6. Conduct themselves in a Christian manner that will reflect credit on their Parish/School and the CYO, ensuring team members and followers to conduct same.

7. Teach and guide the youth on the team with a sense of fair play, sportsmanship and acceptance of winning and losing in accordance with Christian ideas

8. Coaches may suspend a player for violations of the Code of Conduct. The Coach is Page 10 of 14 Charter & By-Laws_20210519

primarily responsible for investigating the incident, and report finding to the Athletic Director(s).

9. Be responsible for the actions of the team members and followers from the Parish/School.

10. Coaches shall not leave Athletes unattended at a home or away gym.

11. Coaches shall not treat injured players other than basic first aid as required

  1. The coach should not attempt to diagnose or prescribe how to treat specific injury

  2. The coach will maintain an adequate first aid kit and medical forms readily


12. Coaches will take special precautions to:

  1. Protect all valuables and clothing of players.

  2. Take special precautions to ensure a safe playing environment

  3. Provide required safety equipment in repair and make certain that the

    players properly use them.

13. Coaches will attempt not to schedule practices or events that will interfere with religious duties and classes.

14. Coaches are required to keep accurate game participation statistics and scorebooks.

15. Coaches will be required to attend Protecting God’s Children workshop and additional classes deemed required by the Archdiocese of Detroit or the Shrine Rectory a. Prior to participation the Coach will not be able to be left alone with his players

unless another adult, who has attended Protecting God’s Children, is in attendance.

Athlete/Parent Disruptive Behavior

In the event an Athlete, their parents, their family or friends are disruptive/disrespectful, or behaves in other than Christian manner the coach should these guidelines:

1. Warning 1: The head coach will speak to the offending athlete and explain what they are doing wrong and what is expected. The coach will notify the parent of the incident and explain the consequence if the behavior is not discontinued. The coach is empowered in situations to immediately remove a player from the contest for remainder of the contest.

2. Warning 2: The coach will again speak to the athlete and speak to the parents regarding the inappropriate behavior. The coach will notify Athletic Director(s) of the situation. The Athletic Director(s) will speak to the parents of the athlete regarding the consequences of the inappropriate behavior continuing.

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3. Suspension: The athlete will be suspended for no less than one game. The coach will notify the parents and the Athletic Director(s) prior to suspension. The player will be required to present a formal apology the teammates and to a competing school as applicable.

4. Dismissal: The coach can dismiss an athlete from the team when actions above have not improved the athlete's behavior. The coach will obtain the approval of the Athletic Director(s) prior to administering dismissal. The coach will first notify the Athletes parents, then the athlete. The Athletic Director(s) shall inform the rectory representative of the athletic committee. An appeal may be heard by the Athletic Director(s) with their decision being final

5. In the event that a parent, family member, or friend is the initiator of the behavioral problem, the offending individual will be asked to leave the premises, first by the coach, second by the Athletic Director(s), third by the Police of the jurisdiction the offence has taken place.

a. In the case of a referee ejecting a fan, that fan will be asked to leave the premises.
b. The offending individual will not be allowed to attend any remaining team functions. If they are unable to abide, the athlete will be dismissed from the team. c. If the Police are called to remove any athlete from the premises it will be for the remainder of the Athlete's Students career.

d. If a parent requires removal from the police the parent will not be able to attend any future Shrine CYO Athletic event.
e. A written documentation will be presented to the rectory representative and the athlete's parents. The Athletic Director(s) or his representative shall complete the written documentation.
f. There is no Appeal.

Athlete Responsibilities

l. Athletes will always display good sportsmanship, as they represent their School/Parish

2. Athletes must always notify their coaches if they will be unable to attend scheduled game or practice

3. Athletes will not tease/kid any other individual about their assignment, win/loss records or their abilities

4. Athletes will maintain a good academic standing

5. Athletes will sign their registration materials including their code of conduct forms prior to their first practice.

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Parent Responsibilities:

1. Parents should be supportive and non-confrontational. Games are intense and parents will not always see eye to eye with coaches, referees, and other parents. Parents must lead by example with composed words, thoughts, actions.

2. Parents should put things into perspective; winning and losing are to be expected throughout life. Part of being on a team is sacrificing for the team.

3. Parents must adhere to the 24-hour rule, waiting 24 hours before contacting coach or the athletic director with any matter they feel necessary to discuss.

4. Before, during or immediately following any contest or practice is not the time to approach a coach, or the athletic director(s) with an issue, unless the safety of any participant is in question.

5. Parents will monitor their athlete's attitude toward other athletes, teasing, bullying, or kidding about other athletes is not acceptable behavior.

6. Parents are asked to cheer for Shrine teams and not against other teams

7. Parents are responsible for monitoring the academic and religious education their athletes.

8. IT IS EXPECTED THAT PARENTS WILL PARTICIPATE IN AT LEAST TWO VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES PER CHILD PER SEASON. This will include fundraising, concessions, set-up, and clean-up, coaching, administrative function. The hours will be administered through the Dad's Club Manpower Director and the Team Parent Coordinator.

9. Parents must deliver and pick-up Athletes in a timely fashion from all team activities.

10. Parents will control all siblings and friends, and not allow them to roam the premises unsupervised.

11. Parents must sign the participation consent form at the beginning of each season

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It is an honor and a privilege to be an athlete in the Shrine CYO sports program
Due to the generosity and hard work of your parish, school, athletic committee, coaching staff an excellent athletic program exists. This program allows you, the Athlete, to participate in a valuable learning experiences which you will benefit from you, not only on the field also for your entire life. Your coaching staff is dedicated to helping you become the athlete you can be both physically and spiritually. We are commitment to you and hope you benefit from your involvement in our program.

In return for the commitment we make, we expect from you, the athlete:

1. I promise to follow and obey all team rules.

2. I promise to attend all team activities. In making my commitment to this team I realize that only under rare circumstances shall I fail to attend a team activity. In the event I am unable to attend I will notify my coach immediately.

3. I promise to give my full attention, concentration, and abilities in participating in my sport. I will not waste my coach's time, my parent's time, or the time of my teammates by disrupting any team activity.

4. I promise to show respect and good sportsmanship to my coach, teammates and opponents.

5. I promise to conduct and represent my team, my parish, my parents and myself in a Christian manner at all times. This means at home, school, in public, at practice, and at all athletic competitions.

6. I promise to not allow my academic standing slip due to my athletic pursuits.

7. I promise my duties to God and family will be met. I will continue to attend weekend service and meet my obligations at home. If I do not attend a Shrine school I realize my participation in Religious Education is mandatory, and will not suffer due to my participation.

Failure to meet all of the criteria of this contract may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the program.

I hereby acknowledge and will observe all of the above rules and understand my commitment to the team. I will do my best at all times, in representing my team, my parish, my family and myself.

Student Athlete Signature

_____________________ Revised May 2021

Athlete Parent's Signature ______________________

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